about mardana

Mardana is a spiritual music band from Germany, consisting of Anna Japa Bhakti Rose (harmonium, vocals, smiling radiance), Guru Surya Singh (tabla, percussion, vocals, humourous upliftment) and Gurbasant Singh (guitars, vocals, inspiring storytelling). Until 2019, Sat Karam Kaur was part of the formation.

The music created by Mardana mostly have gurmukhi lyrics, an ancient sacred language that evolved from sanskrit. The intention behind the compositions is, to bring the elevating qualities of these sacred syllables to full blossom in the mind of the listener. Spiritual songs, mantras and shabads are enrobed in virtuoso musical vestments, a transcendend blend of western and traditional indian sounds.

The special attention of Mardana lies in the multifold vocal settings. The three merge and find a unique expression in the choirs of many of their pieces. Mardana has a fantastic groove: capturing beats and invigorating rhythms are complemented by calm pieces and soothing ballads or etheric chants.

Every now and then, Mardana invites other guest musicians for their performances and musical productions, for example Gurudass Kaur Khalsa, on whose newer albums Mardana has contributed a large part of the music and arrangements.

Let the music of Mardana be part of your personal impersonal soundtrack. Let it be the support that makes your journey to infinity smooth and juicy.

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