anna japa bhakti rose

At the age of seven I fell in love with the parlour organ in our local church. I was fascinated with the sound and wanted to learn to play it, so my parents offered me piano lessons. When I was sixteen, I discovered the guitar as my favourite instrument. I was drawn towards the electric guitar and me and my sister started a girl-band. We were playing at school contests and festivals and enjoyed our musical sisterhood. During my last years in school and early 20s I played in various band-formations in the rock & pop genre until I started my studies at university.

At that time I was writing my own songs and started to look deeper into myself. When I had my first Kundalini Yoga classes and later, when I was in the Kundalini Yoga teacher training, I discovered the Mantras and I soaked up the beauty of this wonderful technology.

Understanding and experiencing the power of the Naad and the fact that we all are sound-beings gave me a deeper link to my inner essence and the strenght of being a teacher in these times. Today, I also play Sarangi, Sitar and Harmonium and I enjoy making music with my band mates Gurbasant and Gurusurya. I love to play, compose and sing Mantras with children, especially with my nieces.

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