bio gurusurya

I was born in southern Germany in 1972. In my family we always sang and still do when we get together. Making music has always been a natural and integral part of my life. When I was 7 years old, I was given the opportunity to learn the violin. In my youth I taught myself guitar, was a singer in various rock and jazz formations until in 1995 I met Gurudev Singh and Yogi Bhajan. That’s when I began to discover that music is not about playing and singing beautifully. Music is a spiritual practice that can transform both the performer and the listener. Through my studies in Sat Nam Rasayan, a yogic healing art, I learned, that resistances can be dissolved when the correct form is applied in a meditative transcendent state. Music and especially shabad is one of the most powerful forms for healing that I know of. It is my great joy since many years to explore the depths of this uplifting music with Gurbasant Singh and Japa Bhakti. In 1997 I brought back a pair of tablas from my first trip to India, which started my career as a percussionist. In the meantime my instrumentarium has been enriched by udu, cajon and harmonium. I develop my singing capabilities with Alexandra Ziegler, a certified teacher for CVT (complete vocal technique).

In my professional life as an architect I use the same approach as in music: finding and applying the right form for a building to bring joy and healing into the lives of people

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