bio gurusurya

I was born in southern Germany in 1972. In my family we always sang and still do when we get together. Making music has always been a natural and integral part of my life. When I was 7 years old, I was given the opportunity to learn the violin. In my youth I taught myself guitar, was a singer in various rock and jazz formations until in 1995 I met Gurudev Singh and Yogi Bhajan. That’s when I began to discover that music is not about playing and singing beautifully. Music is a spiritual practice that can transform both the performer and the listener. Through my studies in Sat Nam Rasayan, a yogic healing art, I learned, that resistances can be dissolved when the correct form is applied in a meditative transcendent state. Music and especially shabad is one of the most powerful forms for healing that I know of. It is my great joy since many years to explore the depths of this uplifting music with Gurbasant Singh and Japa Bhakti. In 1997 I brought back a pair of tablas from my first trip to India, which started my career as a percussionist. In the meantime my instrumentarium has been enriched by udu, cajon and harmonium. I develop my singing capabilities with Alexandra Ziegler, a certified teacher for CVT (complete vocal technique).

In my professional life as an architect I use the same approach as in music: finding and applying the right form for a building to bring joy and healing into the lives of people

Sat Nam Ji

Mardana is a spiritual music band from Germany. With Mardana, the three artists Sat Karam Kaur (Harmonium, Keyboards, Vocals), Guru Surya Singh (Tabla, Percussions, Vocals) and Gurbasant Singh (Guitars, Vocals) have created a musical project in which they enrobe shabads, spiritual songs and Kundalini Yoga Mantras in a virtuoso musical vestment with great variety.

The compositions, mostly sung in Gurmukhi, an ancient language that evolved from Sanskrit, are enriched with spiritual english songs and create an entrancing blend of western and traditional sounds.

The special attention of the trio lies in the multifold vocal settings, enhancing the character as a band, and finding unique expression in the choirs of many of their pieces. Mardana has a fantastic groove: capturing beats and invigorating rhythms are their speciality, yet as important as calm pieces and soothing ballads or an etheric chant which invites you to search for infinity…